Floating cotton candy and carts for Shopping Malls

News from 09.07.2018

Floating candy floss is a new trend in the cotton candy business.

Robojetfloss was created by Moscow designers and patented in 2016. It is the first machine with the vertical sugar feeding. The accessories and supplies are the way they used to be  but

Candy floss making has changed. It has turned into a breath-taking show, crowd – attractor and sales - raiser. 

The new format will be in demand in amusement parks, stadiums, shopping malls and of course movie theaters

«Pars Tejarat Derakhshan Pishe» offers equipment, supplies and cotton candy carts to their Iranian customers.

We are also looking for dealers  acquainted with this business – if you are working for  amusement parks or shopping malls, contact our agent in Tehran or  our managers in Moscow