Warming cabinet for concession bars’ settings

News from 13.07.2018

More and more concession bars are being opened in new and already existing movie theaters. We are sure it is a long-term tendency which should be taken into account. A concession bar is like a retail supermarket: the patron picks up the product by himself paying for it later at the cash desk.

It increases sales 20%, cuts down lines and works load on operators.

This format is topical for multiplexes: they have enough space, high traffic and can afford the necessary equipment.

We will be happy to offer self-service warmers to such theaters. These warmers are manufactured at our own plant in the city of Tver.

The warmer has a heating element, a blower fan,  and five shelves for displaying popcorn cups.  

These warmers were first shown at the latest Barcelona Trade Show, bringing 200 pre-orders from Europe.

«Pars Tejarat Derakhshan Pishe» is happy to offer Iranian customers these new warmers as well as standard concession warmers:  counter, floor and with automatic feeding.