Popcorn production line (100 – 500kg capacity)

News from 09.07.2018

For big producers: lead company “Business Russia/Robolabs” has begun to work over a new popcorn production line with the capacity of up to 500 kg per hour. “Magnit”, the customer, which is a biggest Russian supermarket chain, is planning to launch its own popcorn production in 2018 – 2019 with our solution. 

commercial popcorn line 100-500 kg/h

The line’s specificity will be the use of Vortex technology: Grand Robopop 220 pops up to 100 kg of corn per hour, saving 100% oil, because it pops corn by hot air. Various line units have already been manufactured and are now being tested. After the testing period, the popping line will be available for all the customers. To purchase the line in Iran - go to «Pars Tejarat Derakhshan Pishe».