Free Trade Area Agreement between Iran and Russia

News from 09.07.2018

The Free Trade Area Agreement between Eurasian Economic Union and Iran was signed in Astana ( Kazakhstan) at the Economic Forum, on the 17th of May, 2018

The document does not yet apply to all the products and is designed for 3 years.

The partners are supposed to resolve all the controversial issues  in the  year to come and then conclude the final agreement 

In expert opinion, the Iranian market looks very promising, that is why the creation of a Free Trade Area will provide an exclusive potential for the Eurasian Economic Union.

«Pars Tejarat Derakhshan Pishe» is interested in Iranian dealers. For our dealers, we suggest flexible and favorable terms.

We have already registered a legal entity on the Iranian territory, hired an agent, fluently speaking Russian, English, and Farsi, and have tailored all our materials and catalogs to Farsi.