STRUCTURE: The branch in Iran works as part of the group of companies "Business Russia"
HISTORY: Iranian branch started in 2017, "Business Russia" founded in 1990.
BUSINESS: Engineering and complex equipment of movie bars, concession kitchen, and fun food. We a partner of world famous companies in concession market (Gold Medal, PCO, Hamilton beach, etc.)
GEOGRAPHY: The company in Iran is part of the "Business Russia" group of companies, headquartered in Moscow. 20 offices in the largest cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Mongolia. 
The branch in Iran is glad to offer services to local partners: distributors, agents, cinema builders, designers and final customers (amusement parks, cinemas). We are looking for partners who work with movie theatres and we offer a good percentage of the reward for them.
PRODUCTION: Production plants in Moscow, Odintsovo-city and Tver-city. The parent company owns three factories that produce equipment, raw materials, consumables, furniture and food products for sale in the cinema (snacks, nuts, popcorn, chips).
TEAM: More than 500 people are employed in all structures. At present, our team in Tehran is small, so we are actively looking for agents and representatives who have connections in the cinema business.

Video presentation of the company Pars Tejarat Derakhshan Pishe

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WE DESIGN movie bar and restaurants. The team of designers is located in Moscow and has extensive experience working with a wide variety of customers. We know about the latest trends in equipping the concession kitchen, about the most common design mistakes and are we happy to share our experience with cinemas in Iran.
WE EQUIPE public catering enterprises with technological equipment, professional utensils, kitchen and bar equipment
WE EXPLAIN HOW TO WORK on the supplied equipment. Manuals, training, skype-consultation with our engineers will help you to run and use the equipment correctly.
WE DEVELOP projects in concession kitchen at the movie theatre, concepts in the catering and entertainment industries and implement them. 
WE SERVE the equipment supplied by us.
WE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE technological, thermal and neutral equipment, bar counters, furniture, advertising constructions, menu-boards, light boxes, internal navigation, paper packaging for popcorn, flavor additives and oils for the concession business. If you want to be part of our business - please, contact Mr. Mehdi Shokouhbin, Iranian branch director:
+98 919 925 2620