The company produces a wide range of food equipment, specializing in three main segments: Fun Food, Fast Food and Professional kitchen equipment. Our patented know-how is Vortex Popcorn ™ technology. We are proud to produce an air-pop machine of the Robopop® series. These devices are already sold in many countries (actually 35). 

Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop® is a fully automatic device, which makes the consistently high-quality product. Recommended to use in movie theatres and plants

Caramelizers for Vortex Popcorn™ machines Robopop® and MiniRobo are designed for popcorn caramelization. 

Showcases for popcorn have heating, lighting. Can be divided into several zones for storage of different types of popcorn.

Coaters and cooker mixers for Vortex Popcorn™ machines Robopop® and MiniRobo. This equipment is intended for coating, flavoring and seasoning popcorn

Restaraunt equipment

Ovens and Smokers, Char-Broil Grills, Charcoal Grills, Hydro filters

Cotton Candy

Base & carts, candy floss machines

Fast food equipment

Burger tables, french fry stations, sliders (burger chute), warmers, deep electric fryers, nacho equipment, caramel apple equipment. 

Raw material

Premixes, glazes, coconut oil, savory, special salt, sauces for nachos, flavors, and dyes

Packaging material

Popcorn cups, slush glasses, cotton candy sticks & bags.

Great Britain's customer about his three years experience with Robopop